Stabilization & Assessment Programs

Trauma and Attachment Evaluation

This is a comprehensive residential assessment that provides a clear understanding of how previous trauma or disrupted/negative attachments has impacted a child. We don’t ask “What’s wrong with you?” but rather “What happened to you?”

This assessment incorporates multiple methods of data gathering throughout the 45 day placement including individual diagnostic interviewing using trauma sensitive methods, family/caregiver interviews, formal standardized assessment protocols that are designed specifically to assess the impact of trauma on thinking, affect regulation, self-concept,  insight/ introspection, relationship patterns, and ability to form and maintain safe and appropriate attachments with caregivers. The Brandon team also utilizes milieu and classroom observation and experience to inform the assessment. The assessment team is able then to provide specific recommendations for ongoing treatment for the youth and family.

Questions that can be answered during a Trauma and Attachment Evaluation include:

  • What is the relationship between your child’s previous traumatic experiences or disrupted attachments and his current problematic behaviors?
  • Given the full picture of your child’s psychosocial functioning, what is an appropriate diagnosis?
  • What is the best course of treatment for your child, including what type of setting would best meet your child’s treatment needs?