Funding Options

Opportunities for a child to change course are rare and often, hard-won. Placement at Brandon can be driven and initiated by a parent or loved one. Referrals and funding will typically come from school districts, state social service agencies (DCF, DMH), or insurance companies for short-term stabilization. Please visit Admissions for more information on making a referral.

Funding Questions & Answers

If your child has an IEP and you feel his needs are not being met in-district, you can request a TEAM meeting. At this meeting you can discuss options for your child, including assessment or placement in a Massachusetts-approved private, special education school. Many parents enlist the support of an Educational Advocate or Educational Attorney.

MassHealth and other private insurance providers fund placements in Brandon’s CBAT and Specialized Assessment Programs. Please speak with your insurance company about your behavioral health coverage and then call Brandon Admissions.

In Massachusetts, state social service agencies including DCF, DMH, and DYS fund residential placements. The referral process begins with the agency or after a parent requests a CRA (Child Requiring Assistance) petition with his/her local family or juvenile court. For information on Massachusetts CRA visit:

Social service agencies in other states fund placements or utilize state medicaid dollars to fund placements. Many states have mandates to serve children in-state, however Brandon offers expert treatment and assessment for firesetting, problem sexual behaviors, or other risk behaviors which are unavailable in most other states. Brandon is a provider for: Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maryland, Fairfax County Virginia, Washington DC, and New York City. We often contract on a case-by-case basis and willingly embark on contracting processes.  Please contact Brandon Admissions to discuss your questions.

Brandon leads the field in the assessment and treatment of complex emotional, behavioral, and learning needs. Placement is an opportunity to get your child back on track, to understand his needs, and to give him holistic support to reach his potential. Your situation is urgent, your child’s education and treatment is of pinnacle concern and you get few chances to change his course. Some parents choose to invest in placement when:

    • School district is unwilling to place the child out-of-district
    • State social service agencies are not involved
    • Family does not want to enlist district or agency in decision making process
    • Child has been declined services of state social service agencies
    • Insurance will not fund past a certain timeframe
  • A child’s behaviors necessitate immediate placement

To understand all funding options, please contact Brandon Admissions:

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