Stabilization & Assessment Programs

Stabilization, Assessment & Rapid Reunification (STARR)

Brandon offers Stabilization, Assessment, and Rapid Reunification services as a Massachusetts Caring Together Boston STARR provider. Youth are placed at Brandon by Boston DCF area offices for 45 days or less for short-term placement, assessment, and recommendations for aftercare. All STARR youth are partnered with individual and family clinicians, reside on Brandon’s Natick campus, and most continue in their existing school placement with transportation arranged by their school district.

Questions that can be answered during a STARR assessment include:

  • How do family dynamics contribute to presenting behaviors?
  • How do developmental needs contribute to presenting behaviors?
  • What factors increase and mitigate risk?
  • What are diagnostic impressions?
  • What medications could be helpful?
  • What clinical services would be beneficial to support the youth and family?
  • What level of care would the youth most likely succeed in?
  • Does the youth have the ability to manage behaviors without external supports?
  • Would the youth benefit from in-depth substance abuse evaluation?
  • What type of supports or services are needed for youth and family in order for youth to successfully transition home?
  • Is the youth able to successfully manage transitioning to and from school from the residence on a daily basis?
  • Does the family have an understanding of youth’s area of need? Is the family willing to work with providers and youth in order to receive education around ways to support youth as he transitions home?
  • Are there natural supports in place to support youth and family?