Stabilization & Assessment Programs

School Risks & Safety Assessment

Youth referred to Brandon by their local school system for participation in our School Risk and Safety Assessment service are typically exhibiting problematic, high-risk behaviors that have not responded to traditional school based interventions. Students are determined to require a therapeutic day school structure and containment while a comprehensive assessment is completed. Structured by modeling provided by the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY), a best practice tool used for decision making around youth violence and aggression, and a specific focus on school and classroom functioning guide clinical and educational staff throughout the assessment. During the 45 school day placement information specific to the presence or absence risk factors associated with aggression and violence, along with protective factors, are gathered and synthesized in order to provide a specific risk profile for each individual youth. The Brandon education team also utilizes observations, academic testing, and classroom experience to inform assessment. The Brandon team is then able then to provide specific recommendations for educational needs, with a specific focus on mitigation of risk for disruptive or high risk behavior in the school setting.