Stabilization & Assessment Programs

Problem Sexual Behaviors Assessment

Through the Sexualized Behaviors Program, Brandon has become a modernizer in the development of treatment planning and services for children and adolescents dealing with problematic sexual behaviors. Often children and families are unsure of what type of treatment is needed to address such behaviors. The Problem Sexual Behaviors Assessment (PSB) is a comprehensive assessment service designed to address the assessment of Problematic Sexualized Behaviors for boys ages 13 to 18. The PSB Assessment is delivered within our therapeutic residential school setting and exemplifies the quality and expertise distinctive to Brandon’s Sexualized Behaviors Program. The PSB Assessment is a 45 day individualized service delivery provided through a holistic and developmentally focused approach to understanding sexuality and sexual behaviors. For highly complex youth and families, Brandon’s PSB Assessment is a tremendously valuable, reliable, and thorough tool for treatment and aftercare planning. Supervision and consultation with leading experts are integral to the assessment process.

Questions that can be answered during a Problem Sexual Behaviors Assessment include:

  • What type of treatment would best be recommended to address the level of problematic sexual behaviors?
  • What is the full extent, scope and nature of your child’s problematic sexual behaviors?
  • What are the specific risk factors that are present which would contribute to likelihood for continued involvement in problem sexual behaviors?
  • Are there any factors present which would serve to lessen future risk?
  • What safety specific recommendations would support this child?