Stabilization & Assessment Programs

Hospital Step-Down and Diversion (CBAT)

CBAT is a Short Term Stabilization placement typically funded by a child’s Insurance Company. This service is used in lieu of or as a step-down from psychiatric hospital level of care. Children receive enhanced stabilization services, which includes Psychiatry, individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy 2 or more times per week, as well as a therapeutic milieu where trained staff work with the child daily to make observations, ensure safety, and provide support. Brandon’s experienced Treatment Team works closely with the youth, family members, and support services to ensure a stabilizing experience allowing for the child to transition back to his home or community setting as quickly as possible.

Questions that can be answered during a CBAT assessment include:

  • What factors lead to crisis?
  • What is a realistic crisis intervention plan for the family?
  • What services are needed to help youth reintegrate into the community?
  • What are diagnostic impressions?
  • What problems are better addressed in long-term treatment?
  • Has CBAT Placement/Hospitalizations become a pattern?
  • Would the youth and family benefit from an ICM (Intensive Case Manager)
  • Are presenting mental health issues related to or cause of current or ongoing medical concerns?