Stabilization & Assessment Programs

Global Violence & Aggression Assessment

Youth referred to Brandon for participation in our Global Violence and Aggression (GVA) Assessment service present with a history of behaviors that are determined to require residential structure and containment while a determination of continued risk for violence is conducted. Brandon’s GVA service is structured by modeling provided by the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY), a best practice tool used for decision making around youth violence and aggression. During the 45 day placement information specific to the presence or absence risk factors associated with aggression and violence, along with protective factors, are gathered and synthesized in order to provide a specific risk profile for each individual youth. The Brandon team also utilizes milieu observation and experience and classroom experience to inform assessment. The Brandon team is then able then to provide specific recommendations for treatment and intervention needs, with a specific focus on mitigation of risk for continued aggression.

Questions that can be answered during a Global Violence & Aggression Assessment include:

  • What is the full extent, scope and nature of your child’s violent and/or aggressive behaviors?
  • What are the specific risk factors that are present which would contribute to your child’s violent and/or aggressive behaviors?
  • Are there any factors present which would serve to lessen future risk for violent and/or aggressive behaviors?
  • What is the best course of treatment for your child, including what type of setting would best meet your child’s treatment needs?