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Welcome to Brandon, A Caring Community

which promotes holistic wellbeing, and where boys engage in activities designed to help them experience success in all areas of their lives. Boys entering Brandon are resilient, talented, and intelligent, but typically experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, and anger, which may contribute to difficulties at home, school, and in the community  Here, staff work closely with a boy and his family to preserve, grow, and restore connections so he can successfully return to his home and school.

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Our Story

Welcome to 27 Winter Street, more than a campus, it is Brandon’s identity. Learn how our community, treatment approaches, organizational strategy, and our location and facilities intersect to create the Brandon experience.

About our Community

Brandon is a holistic treatment community where boys with complex emotional, behavioral, and learning needs achieve. A venerable nonprofit, human service organization, and private special education school in Natick, MA.

Meet our Leadership

We’re pleased to meet you! Brandon’s leadership has a combined 120 years of tenure and create a culture of respect, professionalism and reciprocal communication.

Community Snapshot

Is Brandon a good fit? Please take a quick look at our population, practice model, specialties, and offerings.

Brandon’s C.A.R.E. Model

Brandon is at a pivotal moment in its 50-year history and current and future youth and families will benefit from the changes happening right now. Following a thorough, self-initiated review and evaluation of practices, Brandon leadership…

Campus Tour

The Brandon campus is located in Natick, less than 30 minutes from Boston and is accessible from public transportation and major highways. Our wooded 35-acre location hosts walking paths, sports fields, gardens and various outdoor education opportunities…

What Sets Brandon Apart

Pioneer in firesetting assessment, treatment and training. Brandon hosted the Northeast Youth Firesetting Conference that consistently drew more than 200 attendees and expert presenters from across the U.S.