What Sets Brandon Apart

There are many unique aspects that characterize the “Brandon Experience” including a supportive community, a beautiful setting, staff expertise and tenure, strength-based approaches, trauma-informed care, and experiential learning. We pride ourselves on being progressive, professional, and accountable.


Leading the Charge

Brandon is the first organization in Massachusetts to implement Cornell’s CARE model. Brandon is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) which sets high program quality assurance standards.

In addition to these features, Brandon is a pioneer in firesetting assessment, treatment and training. Brandon hosts the Northeast Youth Firesetting Conference consistently hosts more than 200 attendees and expert presenters from across the U.S.


Early Adopters

Brandon was an early-adopters of sensory integration and occupational therapy techniques and were among the first residential treatment centers to offer an agency-wide model for Sensory Programming. In partnership with OTA the Koomar Center and other community partners, we are proud to deliver the highest quality sensory integration tools and techniques to help youth learn to better self-regulate.


On the “Fast Track”

Brandon has developed our own “Fast Track” program model In response to Massachusetts’ Caring Together initiative. The program is highly individualized and scaled to allow youth to build self-awareness, skills, and community connections through developmental relationships with staff, family, and community members.


More Opportunities for Youth

Brandon offers an Opportunity Exchange program for youth to experience enrichment activities within the community and at Brandon. These activities are chosen by the youth,  facilitated by his team, and have included music lessons, computer courses, art classes, recording sessions, volunteer opportunities, internships, and more.


Pioneers in Assessment

Brandon is a pioneer in the assessment and treatment of youth with firesetting behaviors. We developed the first short-term, residential assessment of firesetting behaviors, called the Rapid Firesetting Assessment.


We Work with Specialized Populations

Our extensive history as a diagnostic assessment center, work with specialized populations, and the need for expert, comprehensive assessments led Brandon to offer an expanded menu of Specialized Assessment Services. These are offered for: Trauma, Bully / Bully-victim, Firesetting Behavior, Problem Sexual Behaviors, Violence & Aggression, School Risks & Safety.


Thought Leaders

Brandon published MatchBook Journal, the country’s only professional journal and website dedicated to Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention.

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