Stabilization & Assessment Programs

Brandon’s Specialized Assessment Services engage youth, family, referral sources, and other involved professionals from intake through discharge. Through consultation with experts in the field Brandon’s clinical team is able to deliver a comprehensive picture of individual, family, and social functioning. Brandon’s interdisciplinary team utilizes standardized measures, and best practice assessment strategies and protocols to craft a report and presentation which details findings, clinical formulation, individualized recommendations for all domains and risk-reduction strategies.

Our Specialized Assessment Services

Brandon, leader in assessment programs for youth, is pleased to offer an expanded menu of expert assessments for specialized concerns. Brandon’s Specialized Assessment Services include:

Trauma and Attachment Evaluation

Rapid Firesetting Assessment

Problem Sexual Behaviors Assessment

Day Diagnostic Assessment & Extended Evaluations

Stabilization, Assessment & Rapid Reunification (STARR)

Hospital Step-down and Diversion (CBAT)

Global Violence & Aggression Assessment

School Risks & Safety Assessment

What Sets Brandon’s Specialized Assessments Apart:

  • Fully individualized, 45-day placement
  • Holistic, developmentally focused approach
  • Using Cornell’s CARE approach, youth and families are fully included in the experience
  • Electronic security systems in the house to maximize safety
  • On site consulting Psychologists
  • Standardized measures and best practice protocols
  • Structured, trauma-informed therapeutic milieu with friendly and specially trained staff
  • Purposeful, competence centered activities and routines
  • Comprehensive multi-disciplinary recommendations for further treatment and support
  • Additional support services onsite: case management, psychiatry, medication evaluation & management, speech & language, BCBA, sensory integration, and OT

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