Comprehensive Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment Services

At Brandon Treatment services are integrated in to our Residential programs to ensure a therapeutic milieu that follows Cornell University’s Residential Child Care Project (RCCP) CARE guiding principles.


Three key areas fall under the Treatment Department, to include Case Management, Clinical Services, and Medical Services.

Youth and Families are assigned a Case Manager who act as the point person for the youth, family members, guardians, visiting resources, and support resources.  The Case Manager schedules and attends treatment planning meetings, visits with family members, creates approved phone lists for the house, and so much more.

Youth are assigned an individual therapist and a family therapist who will meet with them one or more times a week depending on the youth and family’s needs and treatment goals.  The clinician facilitates individual and family therapy; serves as a key member of Treatment Team; assists in development and implementation of treatment plans; performs Clinical Assessments; and consults on cases as needed, especially in regard to diagnostic impressions and effective treatment approaches.

The Medical Team ensures the general well-being and health of youth by arranging medical appointments, overseeing Psychopharmacology (medication) appointments with psychiatrists, overseeing the administration of medications in the houses, ensuring that Youth are receiving medications as prescribed, managing medical conditions that require special care and instruction, and including the youth’s guardian in the process.  Brandon follows all policies and procedures of Medication Administration Program (MAP) through DMH and DCF.


Brandon has seven Therapeutic Residential Programs where trained Residential Counselors and Treatment Providers collaborate to ensure a safe and supportive living environment for youth to stabilize, develop competencies for their future success and independence, and reconnect with families and support systems.

House 1: House one is located on campus for latency age youth with intensive residential and intensive group home service deliveries, to include firesetting treatment.

House 2: House Two is located on campus for youth in early to late adolescence.   The assessment and treatment in this program is designed to reduce problematic sexualized behaviors and maintain safety.

Houses 3: House Three is located on campus for youth in early to late adolescence. Houses 3 has 9 Boston STARR beds, up to 4 CBAT, and Short Term Assessment service deliveries.

House 4: House Four is located on campus for youth in early to late adolescence with intensive residential service deliveries and Intensive Group Home, to include fire setting treatment.

House 5: House 5 is located on campus for youth in early to late adolescence with intensive residential service deliveries

Cedarbrook and Nobscot: Cedarbrook is a community residence located in Ashland, MA and Nobscot is located in Framingham, MA for youth in early to late adolescence.  Youth in these houses house have demonstrated their readiness and capability to reside in a supervised setting with peers in a residential neighborhood.