Comprehensive Treatment Programs

Intensive Firesetting Treatment Program

Brandon is a pioneer and national leader in the assessment and treatment of firesetting behaviors in youth. The Intensive Firesetting Treatment Program provides comprehensive intervention for boys with histories of firesetting behaviors. Using a supportive 5-stage framework based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brandon works with all players to deliver treatment that engages youth and families, and provide ongoing communication and assessment of goals. All program activities foster development of healthy relationships and attachments, expand social skills, and work towards reunification with family or other permanent setting.

Goals of Treatment:

• To provide comprehensive treatment and intervention to boys with histories of Firesetting behaviors
• To provide ongoing communication and assessment of goals throughout treatment
• To foster the development of healthier ways of functioning
• To expand safety skills within the greater global community
• To increase active participation by parents and/or guardians
• To work towards reunification with family or other permanent setting

Key Features Include:

• Brandon’s IFTP program is collaborating with international research centers to make available evidence-based treatment modalities in group work with our clients who have firesetting history
• Cornell University’s Residential Child Care Project (RCCP) CARE principles guide our IFTP clinical practice
• Intensive ongoing group, individual, and family psychotherapy
• Structured, trauma-informed therapeutic milieu with friendly and specially trained staff
• Purposeful, competence centered activities and routines
• Opportunities for vocational experiences with community partners
• Opportunities, when appropriate, to transition to more independent milieu within the Brandon community
• Standardized measures and best practice protocols
• Comprehensive multidisciplinary recommendations for further treatment and support
• Additional support services onsite: case management, psychiatry, medication evaluation & management, speech & language, sensory integration, and OT