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Staples donated over 370 suitcases to Brandon!

In almost every musty basement, garage or attic, there is an old, forgotten suitcase that has long since been replaced by shiny new luggage.

And all around the country, when foster children are forced to move their belongings, they throw them in trash bags, putting their prized possessions into containers for garbage.

Donation efforts by Staples corporate headquarters in Framingham, however, have started to change that.

Last month Staples linked up with a local charity, Suitcases 4Kids, to donate 370 suitcases to the Brandon School and Residential Treatment Center in Natick, ensuring that its students’ things can stay separate and distinct from the trash.

“New students often come to Brandon with all of their belongings – clothing, family photos, sneakers, toys – in black garbage bags,” said Rebecca Porter, Brandon admissions coordinator. “It’s incredibly sad. We work hard on building self-esteem here, showing the kids people care about them.”