Medical Assistant




The Nursing Office Receptionist is responsible for the coordination of medical and psychiatric appointments for Brandon clients, to include scheduling health and wellness clinics. Coordinating transportation, completing required documentation, and actively participating in medication management and administration.



Associates/Bachelors degree preferred; experience with children of similar population and medical background preferred. MAP experience/certification preferred, but not required.

Full time Monday-Friday position.

Essential Responsibilities


  • Provide a safe, nurturing, caring atmosphere for all youth at Brandon.
  • Collaborate effectively with other departments and the community to ensure that medical and health needs are met.
  • Attend and actively participate in department meetings, treatment team, and required trainings as scheduled.
  • Assist with confirmation and coordination of medical appointments for clients. This includes: ensuring transportation, contacting parents/guardians, organization/sharing of any required documentation, and scheduling any follow-up.
  • Collaborate with Brandon Psychiatrist and Case Managers to ensure all youth are seen regularly as required, appointment schedules are sent weekly for reminders.
  • Maintain organization and cleanliness of Nursing Office and sick bay area.
  • Provide backup transportation as needed for medical appointments.
  • Assist with medical billing claims from outside providers for Brandon clients as requested or needed.
  • Demonstrates an ability to form and maintain positive, nurturing relationships with youth by offering support and encouragement during routine interactions as well as when addressing a medical need.
  • Demonstrates an empathic understanding of complex trauma and its effects including abuse, loss, and neglect that youth bring to placement. Able to respond therapeutically to pain-based behavior.
  • Demonstrates an awareness of the physical and emotional environment by maintaining the nursing office as a place that is emotionally and physically safe, and appropriately engaging and stimulating, in order to foster growth and resilience.
  • Document medical reports, planned interventions, critical incidents, and relevant general observation of youth and assessment of their skills, behavior, and moods in an objective and professional manner.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by nurse manager or administrative staff.